About Me

Hey there guys! Thanks for stopping by. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Zahra and I am currently studying Medicine at Masaryk University in Czech Republic. Most people know that I love studying and I’m certainly not afraid of books, I mean for someone on their third degree, this must be true. Although writing is my passion, I have never found the time to start a venture such as this but given my academic background, I have a feeling I will never ever get the time. Therefore it was on my first flight to Czech Republic that I decided to create this blog, hence the name.

Anyone and everyone can dream but it is the chase that truly defines you as a person. How far would you go to chase your passion and dreams?

Read this blog if you want to follow my journey and the hurdles that come my way! X




18 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I know Zahra personally and I have seen her going through all this and I must say she’s amazing, she never gave up and it was her self motivation due to which she’s doing medicine. May Allah give you all the happiness and your blogs are 👌👌, keep it up. 😘😘

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  2. Zahra and I met a few years ago, I thank our fathers for introducing us. Who would have thought I would become great friends with such an amazing person en route to Pakistan! What a fun flight that was!

    I am so happy that she is finally able to follow her dreams Alhumdulilah.. I remember the many conversations we had regarding her future.

    I look forward to hearing all about Zahra’s endeavours whilst abr


  3. I’m incredibly proud of this young lady. Apart from having a beautiful smile, a warm, fun and kind personality she has a real do’er attitude. Well done my love. May Allah succeed you in all your ventures

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  4. Met Zahra through studying MSc neuroscience and it’s true; she does struggles travelling to london for an evening out! How she managed to fled home town for Czech Republic, i have no idea! But I could only imagine it has taken her a great deal of strength. You’vw done amazingly well to get to where you are Zahra so good luck and keep going 🙂 xxx

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  5. This is quite out of the ordinary. In life, you often wonder if these stories exist and here is a living example of ‘striving for a cause’. The hardest thing is to capture true emotion from these situations for an audience. I am glad that Zahra is able to pursue her dreams and write about it from the other side of the fence.

    An inspiration to all those who may be on the brink of giving up. This is true achievement, and evidence of ambition being limitless in its entirety.

    The key to success is an excellent counsellor.

    Good luck and look forward to the next read.

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  6. I met her on a university course. Found her incredibly friendly, decent, honest, focused and motivated. I caught her gazing into space a few times at uni. I think she is a very successful person. Specially when one think of success as overcoming the barriers to achieve something. At a point in life what one achieves is trivial compared to the journey which he/she takes to get to certain point. It defines you as a person. I believe Zahra Almas Khan has taken a very courageous course that will only make her more stronger and a more complete person. Like many others, I will always look at her as an inspiration.

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  7. Zasss Darling, love your entries. I know you always wanted this and you will become an amazing doctor. And, I loved the way you mould your feelings into words….its quite melting :DD Haha. May God Always Bless You #sister #love #bff

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